Frequently Asked Questions

 Q What is exactly a Advaitt Retirement Homes?
Advaitt Retirement Homes (Advaitt) is a community of accommodation – independent living units and facilities designed to cater to the needs, services and lifestyle choices of retirees over 50 years of age.

 Q What is an Independent living?
Our independent living Villas are designed for residents who are still active, able and require very little in the way of assistance. Residents have all the comforts of home, while enjoying the companionship, social life and security, medical support that comes with our wonderful community living.

 Q What can I expect to receive as a Resident of Advaitt?
Care, security, companionship less worry with house hold maintenance and more time to enjoy leisure pursuits. Residents can use community facilities such as club house, landscaped gardens, Library, gymnasium, spa, craft / activities rooms and games rooms. You are able to use the common facilities as often as you like.

 Q Who manages the Services of Advaitt Retirement Homes?
Advaitt appoints a Service Provider (Advaitt Care LLP) The Service Provider employee a Manager who is responsible for the day to day operation of the community. He or She is supported by staff that is dedicated to meeting the needs of residents. The Manager will regularly meet with the residents to share information and to discuss matters of interest.

 Q Any social activities in the community?
We will have an active social committee to ensure there is always some thing happening in the village, like – Yoga classes, Meditation classes, walking groups, movie nights, live musical recitals, dance nights, fashion shows, spiritual discourses, dance programmes, picnics & outings, etc.

 Q Is there any medical facility available in the Community?
Yes, Apollo Tele Health Care Services will be available. Resident Doctor & nurses to take care of the medical needs of the residents. 24/7 ambulance service available in the community.

 Q What about Security?
All round compound wall with solar fencing, round the clock security & electronic surveillance to take care the security of residents.
 Q How much it will cost me on going to live in Advaitt Retirement Homes?
As a resident you will be required to pay a monthly maintenance fee, which is 10000/- for 1bhk and 12000/- for 2bhk plus applicable taxes, which covers running costs of the community, E.g. Day to day community management and administration, common areas maintenance, security costs, gardening, common area power bills, water supply, Generator back up. Personal services are available and the charges for services supplied are billed individually on a user pays basis.

 Q How much it will cost me for food?
Quality Vegetarian food will be served. Approximate cost will be Rs.8000/- plus applicable taxes per person per month.

 Q Are there any other costs in addition to the maintenance charges?
It is the responsibility of resident to pay for electricity, telephone, television and any insurance etc for their Villa.

 Q What is the Responsibility of the Service Provider?
The Service Provider is responsible for day to day operation of the Community and is the point of contact for all residents, they will be able to help with any queries or concerns you may have

 Q Can I have family and friends stay over?
Of course! This is your home. You can have family or friends visit or take short stays with you whenever you wish. For longer stays you may be required to take written approval from the Community Manager, to ensure safety & security of all residents.

 Q Since I will be the owner of the property, can I sell it to anybody I want, if I do not want to continue living at Advaitt Retirement Homes?
You will be the owner of the property. You can sell the property to any person who meets our admission criteria
 Q Can I WILL it to my son / daughter?
If it is a purchased property, your son / daughter can either stay (if they meet admission criteria) or sell it to any eligible one.

 Q What are the screening criteria for admission to Advaitt Retirement Homes?
Document proof of age, complete medical history & a personal interview.

 Q Are we allowed to bring our furniture, beds and other household items to the facility?
You can bring your own belongings & personalize your home, or we could fully furnish it for you.

 QAre we permitted to change the interiors, add additional rooms?
Interiors including flooring can be changed if a resident desires to do so. but no structural and external changes can be permitted.